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Godfrey Partridge PHF
HNC BS, FTech Cert Eng. C & G Eng Tech Cert
MCIPS, Lic CIQA, Lic IPA, R.O.St.Wks. TA,
Head of USA Operations

In 1990 Godfrey Partridge established a consultancy in the UK called PD Quality to assist companies to implement a quality management system and register under the ISO9001 standard.


He quickly realized that what organizations needed was not advice, but that extra pair of informed hands to operate the management systems on their behalf.  PD Quality realized this objective in a range of diverse and technically challenging industries and professions.


Godfrey Partridge has now established Q-Share International Limited to draw on over 25 years’ experience gained in quality assurance and business standards respected as Hampshire UKs longest established management service practice.


Because of the extensive experience and knowledge gained in over 1000 assessments, Q-Share inherits an informed and developed position, with management products established and proven over many years in a large range of industries and processes.  


We are now looking to support quality-minded companies and organizations with this experience and can offer a wealth of solutions and advice with the backing of many of the country’s leading assessment organizations.


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