Q-Share International Limited is privileged to have the support and commitment of an international team of Associates and Agents

100 Lawrance.JPG

Lawrence Martel
0100 Mid Northern States USA

Lawrence Martel.  Sole Agent for 0100 Mid Northern States of USA
President and CEO of Venture Link 3385 S Catamount Dr, New Berlin, WI, 53146

Lawrence has extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020 as a Business Executive experienced in building and transforming businesses, implementation of change management and performance improvement strategies, cost reduction solutions, digital adoption initiatives, and strategic consulting programs across multiple industries for significant ROI realization.

Experience leading a SaaS company, start-up manufacturing in Asia, established distribution and supply chains internationally, promotion of products on QVC, and an extensive network for raising investment capital.

Phone Number:    +1.414-795-3500
Email:                       lmartel@venturelink.biz
Web-Site                  https//www.venturelink.biz


097 Alan.JPG

Alan Gunn  
0097 South East and the North West States of the U.S.A

Alan Guinn   Sole Agent for 0097. South East and North West States U.S.A

CEO and President of the Guinn Consultancy Group Inc

Chief Financial Officer, Blue Moose Holdings Ltd. Bristol, Tennessee, United States 

Alan is currently raising capital to support the initial development of mixed-use sports and resort development, in partnership with, and as a partner to, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. The company also fosters other companies in growth and development mode in higher education, green tech, and algorithm-based business oversight and expansion. Creating a new parent organization to Rushmore University.


He is an authority for Business Finance, Education and Corporate issues and has extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020. 


Phone Number:         +1.917-224-6782
Email:                            aguinn@theguinnconsultancygroup.com

Web-site Address:      http://www.theguinnconsultancygroup.com   

087 Debra.JPG

Debra Hay Hampton

0087. State of Georgia U.S.A

Debra Hay Hampton.  Sole Agent for 0087. State of Georgia U.S.A

C.Q.E., P.E. President Cornerstone Engineering, Training, and Consulting, LLC

1058 Hopewell Church Road, MOULTRIE, GA, 31788, UNITED STATES


Debra has an extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020.  She has been providing advice and consultancy on simplifying ISO9001 Management Systems for over 35 years as well as Environmental Consulting,· Business Consulting,· Management Consulting, Training, Change Management · Leadership Development, Public Speaking, Team Building, Corporate Training, Diversity & Inclusion.


Phone Number:    +1 (0) 229.798.0277  
Email:     debra@ce-q.com
Web-site Address:      www.CE-Q.com  

086 John.JPG

John Dahlgren

0086. State of California  U.S.A

John Dahlgren.  Sole Agent for 0086. State of California U.S.A
President of the Dahlgren Group, 1828 Heron Lane, Chico, CA 95926-7114 U.S.A 

John has extensive knowledge in the field of Design and Development has been a Technical teacher of Drafting and CAD Technology courses using AutoCAD, Solid Works, Inventor, Revit, Sketchup including Construction Print Reading and Codes and Specifications. 

He is a Technical Trainer with Butte College Contract Education with specialities in Lean, Quality Systems and Electrical and Pneumatic technical skills. 

Phone Number:    +1 (0) 530 518 7421  
Email:                       John.dahlgren@gmail.com

102 Gary.JPG

Gerald Wood

0102.Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Gerald Wood.  Sole Agent for 0102 Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

President and CEO of AC Authentic Consult GmbH Potsdam, Brandenburg Berlin

Gerald has a boutique consultancy in Berlin credited with providing unique solutions for unique clients, and although small in operation, he is highly effective and customer-oriented.

He provides individual solutions for complex Change challenges and strategies for customer and market success!

By standing for success-based consulting his clients ranging from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 firms. He is well placed with extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020. 

Phone Number:    ++49 (0) 1702445481
Email:                       wood@authentic-consult.de

103 Rob .JPG

Rob te Velde

0103. The Netherlands

Rob te Velde.  Sole Agent for 0103 Netherlands

President and CEO of Beleeff, Luttelgeesterweg Luttelgeest, Netherlands

Rob te Velde is an Experienced, all-around business coach and consultant whose main aim is to create a meaningful impact in the lives of people by delivering smart services. This includes providing the best environment for people to learn, create value and thrive.  


He enjoys helping people to be at their best at work as well in their personal lives.  The playing field defined by the axes of personal and organizational development is my area of choice to do good in the world. 


He is very well placed with great all-around knowledge to advise and assist with the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020. 

Phone Number:    ++316 1179 9129
Email:                robtevelde@beleeff.nl
Web-Site          https:// www.beleeff.nl

093 Garth.JPG

Garth Dallas 
0093 Lancashire Merseyside. U.K

Garth Dallas Sole Agent for 0093. Lancashire and Merseyside, England

Director at Dallas Consulting,  78 Rodney Street, Liverpool, UK, L1 9AR

Garth is a highly experienced business management consultant and legal advisor with a passion for helping businesses develop strategies that focus on making a positive impact on people, places, and the planet, across multiple industries.


Garth has developed a strong reputation for practical engagements and collaboration with and amongst businesses to adopt good business practices and standards. He specialises in assisting businesses to understand that they need to make the shift from a purely profits focus to a more fully-rounded purpose-driven focus to attract and retain talent.


In addition to being a Lawyer, Garth has a seat on the Good Business Festival as Head of Collaboration. He is our authority for all legislative and statutory instruments and has extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020.  


Phone Number:          +44 (0) 151 701 0100  
Email:                            garth.dallas@dallasconsulting.co.uk
Web-site Address:      www.dallasconsulting.co.uk 

089 Stuart.JPG

Stuart Johnston

0089.People Republic of China

Stuart Johnston.  Sole Agent for 0089. People Republic of China

(Trading as English Startup Academy) Huizhou Information Industrial Park, Yunshan East Road 18, Jiangbei, Huicheng District, Huizhou city, ZIP 516000, Guangdong Province, PR China


Stuart has extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020. as a Business Development Professional and Educator with exceptional communication and people management skills. He is credited with developing online teaching platforms, supporting ethical trade for farming communities and exciting students about alternative career paths. He is a highly focused individual with considerable hands-on experience.


Phone Number:    +0034 62265 4335    

Email:                       sejohnston1@hotmail.com

Twitter A/C             Stuartj2011

096 Chinonye.JPG

Chinonye Ugwu
 0096  Czech Republic

Chinonye Ugwu Sole Agent for 0096.  Czech Republic
Gabriel and Gabriel’s International sro  Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha
Chinonye was our first and most experienced European Agent. He is a Lawyer with strong leadership ability, a Good team player and self-starter, highly motivated with the ability to develop people. He has excellent communication skills, good interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills and time management skills. Advanced knowledge of Public international, European, Energy, Maritime, Oil and Gas Law. Experience in business consulting, management and development. He is well placed with extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020. 

Phone Number    + 42 (0) 77634 729

Email:                     info@gabrielssummits.com

Web-site:               www.gabrielssummits.com

077 Shawn.JPG

Shaun Wall 
0077 Gloucestershire. U.K

Shaun Wall Sole Agent for 0077 Gloucestershire. England

Chief Executive Officer Qualitek Ltd UK, formerly PPAP Ltd 
Beaumont House, 172 Southgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire UK  GL1 2EZ


Shaun has been an outstanding freelance Engineering-Quality Consultant for almost 20 years and has extensive knowledge of strategical planning and knowledge of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020.

Trading as Qualitek Ltd UK, (formerly PPAP Limited) he has been covering all aspects of Product Development in Design, Validation & Manufacturing. Specialist in Dimensional Management. Failure Mode Avoidance. Quality Management System and the automotive standard IATF:16949


Phone Number:    +44 (0) 777 0065 8414  
Email:                       shaun@ppap-ltd.com


075 Clement.JPG

Clement Seamus Hopking  0075 Somerset and Former Avon. UK

Clement Seamus Hopking Sole Agent for 0075 Somerset and Former Avon. UK

Director at Ailnoth Consultants Limited Priory House. Magdalene Street Glastonbury UK  BA6 9EJ


Clement has been a freelance business consultant since 2007 with an extensive strategic, business and software development background gained over 30 years of commercial experience within a range of businesses, from start-ups to NYSE top-10 multi-nationals; IT to manufacturing.  In addition to being an outstanding authority on BMS75k Business Management Systems, Clement is an acknowledged authority for Information Security Management, Data Protection  GDPR Compliance, Quality Assurance and Business Coaching and Planning. 


Phone Number:         +44 (0)1458 839300  
Email:                            clement@ailnothconsultants.co.uk  
Web-site Address:      www.ailnothconsultants.co.uk

Contact: Godfrey Partridge     T: 01562 827 225

Q-Share Associates and Agents

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