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Aerospace Standards          AS 9100, AS 9110 and AS 9120

AS9100 is for organizations who manufacture for the aerospace industry with designed products, manufactured parts and production of assemblies. AS9110 is for the guidance of organizations involved in Maintenance and AS9120 is directed to those Distributors and Stockist engaged in aerospace supply and logistics.


Navigating the numerous regulations and imposed specifications, codes and conventions applied by the aerospace industry are greatly assisted by having a Quality Management System compliant with the aerospace standard applicable to your business.


AS9100 is the recognized quality management standard for the aerospace industry and will become an essential role in reducing the risk of product or service failures or fatal non-conformances.  It is a prerequisite in the industry for your license to trade and is critical to your business success in the aerospace markets.


Your reputation will benefit significantly from certification to AS9100 as you will be included in the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database used as the sole point of reference for supplier selection by the leaders in aircraft design and principal aircraft and defense authorities.


In addition to ISO9001:2015 requirements the following industry-specific requirements should also be accommodated in the design of your quality system:


  • Authority for making and taking decisions

  • Statutory and regulatory quality management system requirements

  • On-time delivery

  • Quality objectives and requirements for the product

  • Project Management approach

  • Risk Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Control of Work Transfer

  • Critical items including and key characteristics

  • Design and/or Development Verification and Validation Testing

  • Significant additional management work when purchasing

  • Production Process Verification (1st article Inspection)

  • Control of Production Process Changes

  • Control of Production Machines, Tools and NC Programs

  • Control of Special processes.

  • Customer intellectual property,

  • More stringent preservation of product

  • Product calibration tractability

  • Use of data for on-time delivery, product conformity, complaint, and deficiencies identified by analysis.

  • Process nonconformity and taking action to contain effect on other products or process

  • Supplier involvement with corrective actions

  • Determining if additional non-conforming products exist


This industry-recognized standard of quality and risk management is technically demanding and its terminology is often difficult to understand by those outside of the industry. It requires that we put safety and reliability first and join the standards set by the world’s leading aerospace companies.


AS9100 also puts emphasis on continual improvement and forms the stepping stones and shop window for international growth opportunities in the industry.


Advice from Q-Share is strongly recommended before engaging in this quality program



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