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Q-Share and PD Quality Clients

Godfrey Partridge has been associated with Quality Assurance for over 25 years. His high standards of commercial integrity, customer interest and confidentiality has imposed a policy of not taking instruction from more than one organization in a given industry.


This has resulted in a diverse range of clients from small to medium producers and major multi-national distributors involved in a diverse range of activities including hydrographic surveyors, electronic distributors, precision machinists, OEMs, vacuum engineering and tea blenders. Here are some of the many clients it is our privilege to have been trusted with their accreditations.


Our current client base has been derived from a diverse range of sectors, markets, industries and services due to our policy of only servicing instructions from one company in a given field of operations. This policy was a measure designed to prevent a conflict of interest with operations that could have been in competition with each other. As a result we have developed an extensive range of systems and procedures for documented management systems in the following areas:


Mechanical Engineering          

Draper Tools Ltd.                                            Bronx Process Engineering                        Aeromatic Fielder

Bevington Engineering                                Hillcrest Machinery and Eng. Ltd.            Artec Engineering           

BH-F Engineering Ltd.                                 B J Tube Bending                                            C.T.L Group plc

Credence Systems Ltd.                                 Skinners Southampton Ltd.                        R.H Phillips Ltd

Williams Precision Engineers Ltd            S G Brown                                                          Teledyne TSS Engineering

RE Thompson & Co (Vacuum) Ltd           FiveStein Group                                                ADX Precision Gosport
ACW Precision Engineering                      UHV Design Limited                                       Greens Combustion Ltd


Hydraulics and Pneumatics     

Pope and Regan                                             Dorset Hose and Fittings                             Instant Air Limited

G & R Hydraulics                                           Eagle Hydraulics                                            B J Tube Bending Limited 


Electrical and Electronic Engineering             

Arkonia Electronics Limited                     Fibre Optic Communications Ltd

Custom Micro Products Limited              Rowland Automation Limited

South Coast Engineering Ltd.                  4th Party Services

Interconnect Products Ltd                        Solid State Supplies Ltd


Security Products and  Installations                            

Complete Security                                        Alarm Link

Southern Stronghold                                  City Safe Wholesale                     


Building Services and Civil Engineering

Comar Services                                             J Ashwell Limited                                            Laishley Limited             

R Jones Building Services                         Fawley Engineering                                       J B Hopkins Limited

Jorgensen Limited


Stockist and Distributors         

Alpha Laboratories Limited                     Ferrari Stainless Steels Ltd                        Solid State Supplies Ltd

Davidson Paper Group                               Hartpentor Limited                                       Kevinox


Software Programming Developments                         

Brookside Programming                          Towngate PLC                                                 A.S.D Limited

Fleetway Systems                                        Information Services Limited                   Magic Solutions Ltd.

Impatex Computer Systems                    Pinewood Group                                             Solid State Supplies Ltd   


Miscellaneous Services                       

Ahmad Tea Limited                                     Distinctive Quality Tea Blenders    

Hilton Plastics Limited                              Precision Industrial Mouldings

G C South                                                        Vehicle Body Repairs      

Solent Body Repair Services                     Vehicle Body Repairs

Moves Group                                                 Warehousing and Distribution                   

Brunel Carriage                                            Limousine Fleet Managers

HMF                                                                 Metal Finishers and Treatments                

Custom Coatings                                         Metal Painting and Sprayers

J Ashwell Limited                                        Heating and Ventilation

J B Hopkins Limited                                   Building Mechanical Services

SeaStar Surveys Limited                           Oceanic and Hydrographic Surveyors



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