BMS 75000:2020

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BMS7500:2020 Executive Summary 

BMS7500:2020 Cross Reference ISO9001:2015

BMS 75000:2020 Business Management Standard


How can organizations measure up to the expectations of their stakeholders?

There are currently No Universally Accepted Standards for Business Management Quality!

Until Now.

The BMS75000:2020 standard promotes the convention of the 5As

Anticipate               The identification of risks, opportunities, trends and life cycle stages.

Assess                       The determination of a quantified and measurable aspect or attribute.

Accommodate       The hosting or processing resources needed to accept

Analyse                    The measurement of the product of the Business Activities

Account                   The recording and stewardship of the work done.

The Complete Business Management Standard

Whilst there are a number of international management standards addressing the needs and basic requirements for quality, environment, risk, business continuity, social accountability, and safety management, there is no standard for the Management of the Business itself which hosts the techniques and activities to which such standards can be applied


The BMS75000:2020 Business Management Standard provides the means by which strategic decisions can be justified to all stakeholders. 

Q-Share BMS75000:2020 Downloads:

  •  BMS75000:2020-1A  Business Management Standard                      75 pages  (pdf)              

  •  BMS75000:2020-1A  Business Management Policy Manual             75 pages  (pdf)

  •  BMS75000:2020-1A  Powerpoint Training Presentation Vidio  45 screens (WMV)

Documented Procedure and Maintained Information

  • BMAP 01/000-1A       Corporate Policy and Structure                             7 pages (pdf)


  •  BMAP 01/001-1A        5As Convention for Business Management    39 pages (pdf)

  •  BMAP 02/000-1A       Company Understanding                                        52 pages (pdf)                                                                                 

  •  BMAP 03/000-1A       Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties 34 pages (pdf)

  •  BMAP 04/000-1A       Legal and Regulatory Requirement                     46 pages (pdf)

  • BMAP 05/000-1A        Customer Responsibility and Focus                     25 pages (pdf)

  • BMAP 06/000-1A        Business Management System Scope                  34 pages (pdf)


BMS 75000:2020
Procedure for 5As Convention BMAP01/001 Issue I Revision A
is now available

BMS 75000:2020
Procedure for Legal and Regulatory Requirements

BMAP04/000 Issue 1 Revision A

Is now available

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