Cross Matrix with ISO9001:2015

Business Management Systems.
It is often a mistaken belief that you can manage a business with a Quality Management Standard such as ISO 9001, but there are many more considerations in managing a business.


However, the Management of Quality is not the same as the Quality Of Management and that is why BMS75000:2020 was needed.



Whilst there are a number of international management standards addressing the needs and basic requirements for quality, environment, risk, business continuity and safety management, there are no standards for managing the business activity itself which hosts the techniques and activities to which other standards can be applied.


To address this problem Q-Share International Limited has designed and published a Business Management System Standard BMS75000:2020 which provides a means by which strategic decisions can be justified to all stakeholders.


The BMS75000:2020 standard recognizes that a Company is formed for a specific purpose and that purpose drives everything the Company does, however, for it to survive in the long term, its purpose needs to be outwardly looking towards all its stakeholders, with infinitely varied and often opposing interest in the organizations' operation.


To justify decisions that favour one set of stakeholders to the detriment of others requires an informed and defendable position, traceable to the facts and figures available on the occasion in question, so the decision can be defended at a later stage if required.



Organizations of all types and sizes address matters of quality in the goods and services they provide by reference to standards that permit comparison with what is specified and what is produced. The business itself, which facilitates the completion and distribution of its goods and services, hosts these activities but has rarely been subjected to specification or verification outside of the scrutiny of its own shareholders' auditors.


A comparison of subjects and clause references can be best appreciated by downloading this free cross matrix between ISO9001:2015 and the Business Management Standard BMS75000:2020.

BMS 75000:2020

January 2020

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