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Web Site:    www.pdquality.co.uk 

 UK Operations 

Q-Share International Limited
Shelduck Grove, Kidderminster UK. 
Phone:         +44 01562 827 225

E-Mail:         info@q-share.co
Web Site:     www.q-share.co

UK Operations 

 Maintained Information and Documented Procedures Downloads

ISO9001:2015  Issue 1/2015 Rev A Clause 0.3.3 Risk-Based Thinking          (pdf) 11 Page  Document)

ISO9001:2015 Issue 1/2015 Rev A Clause 4.0 Context of the Organisation (pdf  16 Pages) A04/000-1A

ISO9001:2015 Issue 1/2016 Rev A Clause 5.0 Leadership & Teamwork (pdf 24 Pages ) A05/000-1A

 ISO9001:2015 Issue 1/2017 Rev A Clause 6.0 Planning and Management (pdf) 28 Pages A06/000-1a

 ISO9001:2015 Issue 1/2017 Rev A Clause 7.0 Resource and Support          (pdf) 30 Pages A07/000-1A

 ISO9001:2015 Issue 1/2017 Rev A Clause 8.0 -8.5Operational Planning    (pdf) 30 Pages A08/000-1A

ISO9001:2015 Issue 1/2015 Rev A Clause 8.6/8.7 Quality Control               (pdf  11 Pages) A09/000-1A

 Policy Manual and Management Standard Downloads

ISO9001:2015 Issue 2/2015 Rev A Quality  System Scope and Policy Manual 

BMQS9000:2015 Issue 2/2015 Revision A. Business Management Quality Standard (pdf) 70 Pages

 Free Samples and Downloads

 Documented Procedure for  Quality Control ISO9001:2015 Clause 8.6-8.7   Uncontrolled